Visit Wine Lovers + The Chosen Ones

A visit to the winery is an immersive journey through time and the family’s roots in the winemaking tradition. At the foot of the vineyard, the intimate relationship with the land is explored, revealing a heroic viticulture that is reflected in the particularities of our wines. In the winemaking cellar, the passion involved in the art of winemaking is revealed, capturing the essence of the family’s winemaking history with ancient and modern techniques harmoniously combined.

The aging part brings us closer to the culmination of wisdom and experience, where each bottle carefully matures to develop its own unique personality. This immersion in the winery embraces the richness of the family and winemaking history, connecting us with the deepest essence of a tradition that endures over time. The visit concludes with a tasting with a small aperitif highlighting the uniqueness of our wines, also offering the opportunity to taste two of the most exclusive wines of Oller del Mas, known as “Els Escollits”.

: 12:00 to 13:30 H or 14:00 H

Frequency: Every day (by reservation)

Nº. of people: Minimum of 4 people and maximum of 15 people.

Price: from 35€ to 60€.

Language: Catalan, Spanish and English

Duration: Between 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours

We recommend ending the visit with “The Chosen Ones”… It ends with a tasting of high-end wines offering a selection of the estate’s jewels, personally chosen by the owner, Frank Margenat, to reveal the maximum expression and excellence of the ‘Oller del Mas. This sensory experience is an exclusive journey through the winemaking expertise of Carlos Muray, offering a tasting of premium wines that reflect the purest essence of the winery.

Observations: If your reservation exceeds the number of people available or you wish to make the visit in private, please contact us at for conditions. For those under 18 years of age, must, juice or soft drinks will be served. You can make the reservation of the previously selected ones on the web and also directly in the store.

*Visits from January 13, 2024.


35,00 60,00  IVA incluido

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Cancellations of all our activities must be communicated at least 48 hours in advance. In case of cancellation, no refund will be made, but the client may benefit from a credit for the value of the reservation made, for a future activity, within 6 months after the original date of purchase.

If the cancellation is due to a medical emergency or similar situation, please contact us to discuss your options. In case of modification or change of reservation for another activity and that exceeds the value of the initial purchase, an additional payment will be made for the difference, which will be valid for 6 months after the original date of purchase.

In the event that the company cancels the visit due to force majeure or other justifiable reasons, a full refund or credit for the value of the purchase will be offered at the customer’s option, to be enjoyed within the next 6 months of the purchase.
The cancellation policy may vary depending on the needs and circumstances of Oller del Mas, and the client will be informed in advance.