Food Safety Policy

Heredad Oller del Mas is a winery that makes its wines with its own grapes. Limited productions that express terroir and history.

The safety policy defined by senior management takes into account the context in which the activity of the winery is carried out, the relationship with group companies and other interested parties, with an approach aimed at achieving customer satisfaction. producing products that meet the company’s sanitary, regulatory and legal standards that have made business continuity possible for 20 years, always taking into account the objectives of the Food Safety system and communication within and outside the organization.

The company has opted for the ISO 22000 model to continue betting on customer satisfaction and the profitability of the organization, managing processes and resources with this objective and guaranteeing the quality and safety of its products. The culture of Food Safety, understood in a transversal way within the Organization, must allow us to reach these objectives.

The process of continuous improvement, to which our management system leads us, should allow us to increase our presence in the international market, ensuring the needs of customers, consumers, workers, the environment and the sustainability of the company.