Oller del Mas Cabins

Get away from it all

in the middle of nowhere

Oller del Mas cabins are a luxury experience in the heart of nature, just 40 minutes from Barcelona.

They are a balance between modernity and tradition, between the luxury of nature and premium comfort, between the outside and the inside. Our respect for the planet is reflected in their design. These are comfortable, spacious places featuring an outdoor terrace where high grade materials take centre stage.

The Vineyards

Set across from the vineyards and with stunning panoramic views of the magical mountain which has captivated travellers for centuries: Montserrat.

Nordic Vineyards

Take in the vineyards and the mountain of Montserrat, but do it from a Nordic bathtub on a terrace surrounded by silence and nature.

Holm Oaks and Oaks

The forest hides 15 cabins strategically placed to appreciate the silence, the birds and the scent of the undergrowth.




Gym access

Outdoor swimming pool

Pillow menu


Access to Club Innat’s private gym, swimming pool, horse riding, bicycle rental… Check the services included in the price and those you can enjoy independently.

Dinner at the cabin (delivery)ç

2 paddle tennis courts

18-hole P&P course

Oller del Mas Equestrian

Personal training

Private parking

Helicopter transfer

Transfer to the airport

Fresh fruit

Chargers for electric vehicles

Electric mountain bike rental

Camping area

Get in touch with us if you’d like to learn more about the details and availability of these services.





A camping facility featuring everything you need.