about us

1000 years of history

give a lot of perspective

Oller del Mas is history, family, respect for the environment and engagement with the local area. We safeguard a setting which has been cared for over 36 generations and will continue to be preserved for generations to come.

This is why we have redefined the meaning of luxury. It is not about technological innovations and ostentation, but rather about blending the bounty of nature with premium comfort. What we call “discreet luxury”.

Our goal is to acquaint our guests with the beauty of the vineyards, the fields, the forests around us and the taste of our wine while enjoying an exclusive break with all the amenities we offer.

Over a thousand years of history are preserved within the walls of Oller del Mas Castle and in the roots of the vineyards. A thousand years of tradition which have enabled us to forge a symbiotic relationship with nature and shaped our way of crafting experiences.

100% organic


In our winery, we create wines that tell their own story. All are organic, made only with grapes from our estate and following biodynamic farming practices. We are one of the five wineries in Catalonia that produces a strictly estate wine, the equivalent of the prestigious French Grand Cru concept.

We shun pesticides and chemicals, opting instead for natural methods such as green manure and organic compost to protect our vines.

We like to harvest by hand, carefully selecting the grapes to ensure that the raw material is always the best. We make sure that the quality of the grapes is always under our control.

The outcome is premium quality wines with unique flavours which capture the essence of Oller del Mas.

The landscape through a bottle

We choose native varieties from el Pla de Bages that are adapted to our terroir, our climate and our environment We seek to capture our natural surroundings in a bottle.

It is varieties such as Picapoll Tinto that allow us to create unique and distinctive wines, and Malvasía Manresana, with which we make one of our most exclusive wines, 201. Flavours created only in Oller del Mas.

We care for


We have brought life back to several areas of our surroundings, restoring forests, recovering habitable areas for reptiles, birds and amphibians and encouraging the breeding of bats, which are the natural insecticide of our vineyards.

A vital balance.

We also contribute to the preservation of species such as the fox, owl and Bonelli’s eagle, a species in danger of extinction and of which there are 65 nesting pairs throughout Catalonia, one of them at Oller del Mas.
This balance is essential for our surroundings and we will continue to take care of them for a long time.




in sustainable business

Our commitment to the environment has inspired the care we take with each and every one of our products. That’s why our facilities, including our cabins, castle, winery and restaurant, are powered with geothermal, solar and air source heat pump energy.

In 2011, we became the first winery in Catalonia to gain a carbon footprint certificate, registering only 0.89 kg of CO2 per bottle of Petit Bernat, making us the third-lowest emitting winery in the world when producing a bottle of wine.

We have implemented a stand-alone treatment system for wastewater and rainwater which not only treats the waste but also uses it as fertiliser and recycles the purified water for irrigation.

Our way of creating has earned us Biosphere certification which fosters sustainable tourism and a less invasive service model.