Our essence

Family, respect for the environment and commitment to the territory

1000 years

of history

Knights, nobles, religious orders and master craftsmen have all left their mark on the walls of the medieval castle of Oller del Mas, which dates back to the 10th century and was restored between 1981 and 2008.

The meaning of “Oller,” which translates as “the one who makes pots”, appears on our family coat of arms featuring three gold pots on a red background. It is an emblem that has been with us since our beginnings and which we still keep after all these years.

At the heart of our vineyards is a 13th century dry stone kiln, which we have recently restored in order to mould new pots using earth from the estate.

The team

We are an honest and passionate team

We have the best team, trained and experienced. But above all, we have people we trust. Honest and committed people who want a project unequivocally linked to the territory.

Frank Margenat

Manager - owner

Laia Puig

Deputy Director

Carles Muray

Winemaker - Winery Manager

Marc Maldonado

Sommelier - National Sales Manager

Pili Sola


Carla Rodríguez

Wine tourism manager

Luis Carnicer

Winery Manager

Marcelí Najer

Farm Manager

Marc Ferrer

Boutique Manager

Sergi Calvo

Pitch & Putt Greenkeeper Camp

Jaume Pons

Winery Terrace Manager

Jordi Puig

Sports and digital marketing area Manager

Abel Martinez

Floor manager
Alex Portales

Alex Portales

Executive Chef

David Navarro


Oller del Mas


A taste that goes a long way

Our products can be found in Canada, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Brazil, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Taiwan, China and many more countries. We also attend fairs, workshops and other events to share our products and our way of doing things with the world. Follow us to stay on top of our upcoming events!