Vermut de l’Oller


Orange-amber color, with turbidity, as it has been very lightly filtered. The nose is dominated by citrus notes, but it is left to temper. Sweet spicy notes appear. In the mouth it is sweet, but without exaggeration, the bitter memory of absinthe is what we like most.

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Technical Data

Vintage: 2022

Production: 952 bottles

Varieties: Picapoll Red

Vinification: Picapoll negre cold pressed and vinified as white. After a 12-month aging in barrels, it is macerated with herbaceous botanicals such as: wormwood, mugwort, herballuiza, thyme, lemon thyme, rose- mary, lavender and thyme. Also spicy and sweet botanicals such as cardamom, nutmeg, star anise, cinnamon and faba tonka. Once we have the spices and macerate the fruit skins such as: orange, tangeri- ne and yuzu. Finally, the green walnuts, where it will also take a point of color, add must, alcohol and bottle.


Plot: Baltasar

Clones: SO4, Ritcher-110

Soil Type: Clay loam soils with low organic content

Driving system: Royat simple

Situation: Manresa

Altitude: 300 meters

Orientation: South-east

Treatments: According with organic viticulture

Laboratory test

Alcohol volume: 16% vol

PH: 3,34

Residual sugar : 160 g/l

Total sulfur: 72 mg/l