Bernat Blanco de Picapolls


100% native. Very special and unique as it is made from white picapoll and black picapoll vinified as white. They denote the charisma and the rigorous climate of the Oller del Mas.

Color: White

Varieties: Picapoll blanco, Picapoll negro

Format: 750 ml

Vinatge: 2023

DO: Pla de Bages

Alcohol volume: 12,5%

16,00  IVA incluido

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Technical Data

Vinatge: 2023

Production: 16.131 bottles

Variety: Picapoll Blanco, Picapoll Negro

Vinification: Harvested early in the morning. Very gentle pressing, using only the first fractions of must. Debourbage by flotation and fermentation of 30% of the wine in a 500l barrel. Fermented with its own yeast. Clarified with vegetable protein. Lightly filtered and bottled.

Winemaker’s note: A difficult vintage to foresee, intuition has played a key role. The Picapoll negre has marked us very much, as it has been one of the varieties that has been most resilient to the severe drought we’ve been experiencing. The color has been perfect; in the nose it stands out fresh, tropical and Mediterra- nean notes; in the mouth it’s glyceric, that is to say, full-bodied. Its acidity will allow us to keep it for a while: we’re going to do it and we’ll see the results.


Plots: Simulacre, Monistrolà and Baltasar.

Clones: SO4, Ritcher-110

Vineyard age: Average of 22 years old

Soil type: Clay soils with low organic matter

Conduction system: Simple Royat

Situation: Manresa

Altitude: 280 metres

Orientation: South-east

Treatments: Organic production. 4rd year regenerative viticulture. Polyculture of leguminous plants (peas and peas), Cruciferae (white mustard) and Poaceae (Avada and barley).

Average production: 1.230 kg/ha

Rainfall 2023: 475 L/m2


Laboratory test

Alcohol volume : 12,5% vol

Total Acidity : 4,5 g/l

Volatile acidity: 0,37 g/l

PH: 3,6

Residual sugar: 0,4 g/l

Total sulphur: 60 mg/l