At the heart of Catalonia, at the foot of Montserrat

Oller del Mas is a unique, special and extraordinary place:

at the heart of Catalonia, a stone’s throw from the town of Manresa and Montserrat mountain.

Complete your stay at our estate with a visit to the Monastery of Sant Benet and Manresa, the capital of the Bages district, which has all the amenities of a medium-sized town and commercial hub: discover the fascinating story of Saint Ignatius of Loyola and Montserrat mountain.

In Manresa you can visit the historic town centre with its Town Hall and main square, the old bridge (Pont Vell) that crosses the Cardener River and is a copy of the mediaeval 12th century bridge, and the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria de Manresa, commonly known as La Seu de Manresa (the See); one of best examples of Catalan gothic and a true symbol of the city.   Here in the capital of the Bages district, you can learn more about Saint Ignatius of Loyola, who lived in the town for eleven months (1522-1523). It was a period of great change: for the first time in history, man had circumnavigated the globe, the Mediterranean was a region of conflict between Muslims and Christians and the crisis in the Church led to the Protestant Reformation. Against this backdrop, and after ending his political and military career, Ignatius of Loyola devoted his life to meditation and contemplation. He was known by the name Íñigo, and he set out on a pilgrimage from Loyola to Jerusalem, passing through Montserrat and Oller del Mas and then finding accommodation in Manresa, where he had several mystical experiences that formed a key part of his main work, Spiritual Exercises. The important part played by Manresa in the formulation of Saint Ignatius of Loyola’s thinking and writings has been widely acknowledged by the Jesuit Order.

At Montserrat you can hike around the extraordinary mountain and visit the monastery, a Benedictine abbey with a long tradition deeply rooted in Catalonia: the church is dedicated to the Virgin of Montserrat, known to all as La Moreneta; a national symbol, patron of Catalonia and an icon found by shepherds in the year 880.

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